Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

In the past, there were only a few options to purchase Bitcoin using PayPal in part because of chargeback issues (here’s an example video that illustrates this). But, in recent times, PayPal has become more favourable to Bitcoin. In this article, I’ll discuss various trustworthy ways to purchase bitcoins using PayPal for 2022. How can I Purchase Bitcoin using PayPal?


Buying Bitcoin directly via PayPal is among the most efficient methods to acquire some Bitcoin today. In the past, PayPal users could not withdraw the coins they purchased through the site; PayPal has begun to permit crypto withdrawals starting in June 2022. If you want to utilize PayPal as a payment option but not through PayPal’s crypto service, a variety of options are available. The most efficient method of buying Bitcoin through PayPal is through Coinbase.

Another option is LocalBitcoins However, this method will require you to find an individual vendor you can be confident in. Another option is the eToroUS customer’s disclaimer, eToro USA LLC. The investment options are subject to the risk of the market and could result in a loss in principal. Seventy-eight percent of retail accounts for CFDs fail to earn money—in the US. Customers cannot access CFDs.Proceed via eToro for this, but this approach is more suitable for customers who prefer to speculate on the price of the coin and do not want access to actual cash. eToro Disclaimer: The advertisement encourages investing in virtual currencies in Europe (by eToro European Ltd.), the EU (by eToro Europe Ltd.), the UK (eToro UK Ltd.) and the USA (by eToro USA LLC) and is highly unstable, not regulated in certain EU countries and the UK and has without EU nor UK consumer protections and not under the supervision of authorities within the EU and UK regulations. eToro USA LLC; Investments are subject to risk on the market and risk, which includes the risk of loss of the principal. Seventy-eight per cent of accounts for retail investors have losses when trading CFDs with this broker. It is essential to think about whether you can take on the high chance of losing your money. CFDs aren’t available to US customers.

1. Purchase Bitcoin directly via PayPal!

 Pros: Risk-free, with significant maximum limits

Cons: The US is currently accepted for withdrawals.

 In October of 2020, PayPal rolled out direct purchases from Bitcoin (and the three additional cryptocurrencies) inside PayPal’s PayPal digital wallet through an agreement with Paxos. It allows users to store and sell Bitcoins bought using the services and utilize them to pay PayPal-supported merchants. From the end of June 2022, PayPal will also allow users to deposit their bitcoins into third-party wallets, either for private storage or usage across the entire ecosystem. It’s important to note that the feature is currently only available to US users, but more countries will be added later. Limits are set at $10,000 per week, with no annual limit. Fees differ between 1.5 per cent and 2.3 per cent, depending on the value of the transaction. How can I buy Bitcoin directly on PayPal Register for an account? If you don’t make use of PayPal, Go to “Buy and Sell” under the “Your crypto” section (available only to locations that are supported). Go to “Bitcoin” and “Buy” Enter the amount of Bitcoin you wish to purchase. Choose your preferred payment method, then hit “Next” Check the conversion rate and transaction cost. That’s it! Click “Buy Now” to confirm your purchase, and the coins will be available within Your PayPal electronic wallet.

2. Purchase Bitcoin through PayPal via Coinbase!

 Pros: Highly trusted platform, very high limits.

 Cons: You can’t purchase through a PayPal account directly.

US clients who use only Coinbase, among the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, have begun acceptance of PayPal as a method of payment in 2022. As of the time of the date of this article, Coinbase doesn’t allow users to purchase directly with their PayPal funds; instead, they use a debit card or bank account tied with their PayPal account. This can be a bit restricting. But on the plus side, the maximum daily limits are acceptable and are pretty high at $25,000. Costs associated with using PayPal to purchase debit cards on Coinbase are 4 percent of every transaction, while bank transfers through PayPal cost 2.5 per cent. Coinbase customers can also transfer money from Coinbase into the PayPal account.

3. Purchase Bitcoin through PayPal through eToro!

 Pros: Meager costs, various payment options accepted.

Cons: It is not available globally, and withdrawing cryptocurrency profits is difficult.

The most straightforward way to purchase Bitcoin using PayPal is through eToro. US customers disclaimer eToro USA LLC. Investments are subject to the risk of the market, which could lead to a loss in principal. Seventy-eight per cent of all retail CFD accounts are unable to recover money.US customers cannot purchase CFDs.Proceed through eToro, however, only for restricted use. Although the platform allows customers to buy bitcoins through PayPal, withdrawing them to your wallet will require a long time and steps. Also, eToro is more suitable for betting on the price of Bitcoin instead of buying the actual cryptocurrency. This is the most efficient and cost-effective method if you want to make money from price fluctuations and do not need the existing bitcoins. If you require the bitcoins to purchase something or transfer them to a different individual, read on to find another choice. Remember that if you utilize eToroUS customers, disclaimereToro America LLC, investments are subject to the risk of the market, which could lead to loss of principal. Seventy-eight percent of retail CFD accounts lose money.CFDs are not accessible to US customers. Proceed to eToro to make money through speculation, but you don’t require a Bitcoin wallet. You can read my complete eToro evaluation here. IMPORTANT! Cryptocurrencies are subject to a wide range of fluctuations in value and aren’t suitable for everyone. Any EU regulatory framework doesn’t regulate trading in cryptocurrencies. This means that your capital is in danger.

eToro disclosure: This advertisement promotes the use of virtual currency in the EU (by eToro Europe Ltd.), UK (eToro UK Ltd.) and USA (by eToro USA LLC) and is highly volatile and unregulated in a few EU countries as well as the UK and has there are no EU and UK consumer protections, and not under the supervision of any of the EU and UK regulations. eToro USA LLC; Investments are subject to the risk of the market as well as risks associated with the loss in principal. Seventy-eight percent of retail investors’ accounts cannot make money trading CFDs with this broker. You must think about whether you can risk losing your funds.

4. Buy Bitcoin using PayPal via LocalBitcoins!

 Pros: a broad range of sellers from all over the globe

 Cons: Low exchange rates and the additional danger of dealing directly with individuals LocalBitcoins is, unlike eToro, a marketplace that lets buyers and sellers connect directly.

 When you buy using LocalBitcoins, you’re dealing with an individual, which means that the seller’s credibility is another aspect to look for. Regarding charges, sellers typically charge a fee because they’re taking on the risk of chargebacks from buyers. The benefit is that you’ll usually receive your bitcoins more quickly.

5. Purchase Bitcoin using PayPal through Paxful!

Pros: A broad range of sellers from across the world.

Cons: Low exchange rates, the extra chance of dealing directly with individuals selling their goods.

 Paxful is the same platform as LocalBitcoins. It’s a marketplace for peer-to-peer transactions that lets you buy Bitcoin using almost any item (e.g., Skype credits, Amazon gift cards). Buying bitcoins with Paxful is relatively easy: How to use Paxful?

  • Create an account.
  • Confirm your identity.
  • Select a payment method for purchasing and select the amount you want to buy.
  • Choose the seller you prefer.
  • You can choose to do it yourself or let Paxful determine which is the best option for you.

When the transaction is completed, it will take you into an instant chat session with the seller, where you will have the opportunity to conclude the transaction. The seller’s bitcoins will be placed into escrow, and when you’ve confirmed that you’ve received your money, they’ll be released to your account. Remember that if you fail to close the deal within a specified period (usually 30-minutes), the contract will be cancelled automatically.


There are various options to buy Bitcoin through PayPal. The most straightforward is via the PayPal platform. Other options permit you to purchase coins through PayPal as a payment method like Coinbase and LocalBitcoins. eToroUS users must disclaim that eToro America LLC. Investments are subject to the market’s risk, including the potential loss in principal. Seventy-eight percent of retail CFD accounts fail to earn money.CFDs are not accessible to US customers. Proceeding through eToro is a practical option. However, it suits those who wish to speculate on prices instead of taking their money out.