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Our custom SEO plans combine the best services. Organic search visibility is key to increasing brand awareness and generating more leads or revenue.

Our Services

Vervebot is different from other SEO companies because we view organic search traffic as an effective marketing channel in its own right.

Six areas of discipline are used to optimize organic traffic and build a pipeline of potential customers.

SEO Strategy & Analytics: Without clear goals, a campaign that does not include a comprehensive SEO strategy is unlikely to have the impact it needs to get a website to the top of search results. Our SEO Strategy & Analytics services include project management to goal tracking, Google Analytics setup, and strategic goal setting.

Keyword Research Services: Every campaign starts with keyword research. It is the driving force behind page prioritization strategies and allocations of campaign resources. This discipline includes everything, from identifying core keyword themes to increasing topical authority. For winning campaigns, ongoing keyword research is a crucial element.

SEO Audit Services: Our SEO agency is different from other SEO marketing agencies. We won’t begin an audit until we have done the extensive keyword research. Why? This service category covers everything, from a technical audit of 200+ points to backlink analysis and global SEO.

On-Page SEO Services: This discipline is sometimes called “on-site services” and covers all search optimizations that are directly implemented on site pages. This SEO type includes meta tag optimizations and conversion rate improvement.

Off-Page SEO Services: This category is also known as “off-site SEO” and includes activities that improve search performance but are not implemented on a site. These include link building and Google Business optimization.

SEO Content Services: If SEO is the engine that drives organic traffic, then content about SEO is the fuel. This content is different from other content marketing activities. The content services offered by our SEO consulting agency include content creation, enrichment of existing content, and strategic briefs to your writing team.

Our Process:

Our S.O.C.K.E.T. procedure covers six elements:

Study: Your dedicated SEO consultant will conduct a thorough investigation of your company, competitors, industry, and website before we start an SEO campaign. We create a plan for your website’s search engine optimization.

Optimize: We make hundreds of small and significant changes to your website, from I.A. to UX, to help Google understand you better. Our SEO agency has a dedicated web team that can help you improve your website’s usability, speed and functionality.

Content: Your website’s content is the content that users rely on to educate and guide them through the buying funnel. Suppose you’re discussing your business’s unique selling points or offering educational content in a blog article. In that case, we’ll give you ideas for topics, professional copywriting, and top-quality content that can boost your site’s rank and your company’s growth.

Keywords: Our careful method of conducting keyword research is the core of our SEO services. The precise keywords we select will help us identify our target clients and draw significant traffic to your website. When you have relevant traffic coming to your site, your business will be able to secure new leads, high-value sales and much more.

Earned media & links: Off-page SEO and earned media are vital services to help get your website in front of your intended audience. Our team of content marketers will help you create new opportunities for the growth of your website by helping your company establish links (and connections) with experts you can trust in your field.

Testing: Finding relevant, trustworthy visitors to your website is only the beginning of our SEO services. We work with you to ensure that your site can guide users to the purchase funnel clearly and straightforwardly. We believe in trying everything out and constantly adjusting the search engine optimization strategy.

Why Choose Us?

Total Translucency: We’re committed to standard and honest communications about any aspect of your SEO campaign. We’re honest with our clients when a plan isn’t yielding the expected results. We are headstrong about our virtue, which means we take accurate actions whenever required, and you can lean on us to tell you the reality about the matter.

People First: One thing that sets us apart in the SEO optimization business is how we live our core values. We do more than talk about our culture, and we’re committed to walking the talk. Our ethos of people first is apparent in all factors of our work as an SEO marketing business. Our company culture elevates our team members to a love of and loyalty that form the foundation of our customer relationships.

Tech-Enabled: Our tech-driven process lets our strategists to focus on what they are best at — tackle each campaign with their creative fires through all cylinders. Creative SEO, you ask? Yes! Although some aspects of SEO require processing massive quantities of data, it requires an intelligent, compassionate human being to comprehend your company’s needs and then apply data-based learning to meet your specific needs.

Be discovered, expanded, and accelerate the company digitally—vastly! With us.

The following are a few of our clients who are very happy working with us. We will take a look at their websites. We can guarantee that you’ll be amazed by their impression and reach.


TryScrum started as an experiential idea and is now the leading Management Consulting company. Vervebot started working for them in Dec 2021 when they had the impression of 700-800, and in 8 months, it shifted to 3k. And this wasn’t it; the AHREFS ranking went from 72lakh to 54 lakh in the time span. High-quality, reliable content is the primary factor in your search engine ranking, and there is no substitute for quality content. This is especially true for SEO marketing.

The two methods to accomplish this are on-page and off-page:

Off-page SEO refers specifically to SEO-related factors and strategies focused on promoting your website’s brand on the internet. This SEO portion ensures that your company, site, or brand is mentioned on another site. Plus, the other thing is Web 2.0 that has been deemed one of the most effective ways to build backlinks to the site in a short duration. Web 2.0 is one of the most vital tasks in SEO offline submission. It lets us perform multiple off-page submissions from the same web page. In the off-page area, Guest posting is the element that helped the most, and on top of that, PBN plus diversified helped in the most significant way to achieve the largest audience for Tryscrum. PBN backlinks are links created through a network of linked blogs and sites commonly referred to as private blog networks. PBN backlinks confer authority on one website and manipulate rankings on search engines.

On-page SEO is a term that refers to SEO techniques and factors that focus on optimizing the aspects of your website. We do everything to your website to improve its ranking in search engine results. In the section on page, choosing keywords according to the specific niches is key to success. In the past eight months, we have helped improve the domain’s ranking by getting on the top of the page with around 20+ keywords, generating significant traffic, which allowed the business to reach the top for Tryscum.

Conclusion: Vervebot offers various other services too. To read more case studies, you can check out our portfolio section. We know the industries now, the needs and necessities too. Don’t worry anymore; we will help you out in any situation.